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Hydro-Zone EGR Cooler Cleaner III formulated for Aluminum EGR Coolers

Hydro-Zone is happy to announce we have formulated a new version of the EGR Cooler Cleaning products that is safe to use on Aluminum EGR Coolers. The new product is named EGR Cooler Cleaner III. EGR Cooler Cleaner III is a special formulation that has a pH around 8 for Aluminum EGR Coolers that will not harm the Aluminum metallurgy, while maintaining the EGR Cooler Cleaning Process. EGR Cooler Cleaner III is a citrus based cleaner with surfactants and corrosion inhibitors.

When ordering the EGR Cooler Cleaner products, please specify which type of metallurgy the EGR Cooler is constructed of. Also, include the type of organic diesel deposit that is fouling out your EGR Coolers. Hydro-Zone Technical Support personnel will guide you in the best product for your application. Hydro-Zone strives on making sure our products are performing the way it is designed for and keeping our customers happy. Hydro-Zone is not all about profit, but rather guiding our customers to the best product for their application. Happy customers will keep our customers coming back for our products.

If you have any questions, please email A Technical Support representative will be contacting you as soon as possible. And our theory is, no question is dumb to ask. Hydro-Zone encourage customers or potential customers to email us your questions or concerns for your application.


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EGR Coolers cleaned using Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Hydro-Zone has teamed with an Ultrasonic Equipment manufacturer for easy cleaning of multiple EGR Coolers. The Ultrasonic Equipment is designed and engineered for each customer to fit their needs. Now a mechanic can set 8 to 10 EGR Coolers in an Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Station and walk away and have the EGR Coolers cleaned in an hour. This new technology for cleaning EGR Coolers saves numerous hours a mechanic was using to setup the one cleaning pump through Cleaning Kit. Trucking Companies are benefitting greatly on saving the mechanics time. Now the mechanics can set in the Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment System, walk away and work on other needs in the Service Centers. Trucking companies are cleaning their entire Truck Fleet in less than a week and incorporated the EGR Cooler Cleaning in a quarterly basis. Maintaining the EGR Cooler clean saves on Truck down time, fuel and emissions.

EGR Cooler Cleaner by Hydro-Zone, Inc. keeping trucks on the road

With this years long frigid winter, many truckers must leave their truck engines idling. Leaving the engine idling for hours causes the EGR Cooler to plug up with diesel particulates. The small tubes used in most Truck EGR Coolers become plugged quickly, causing the engine to stall or worse catch fire.

Hydro-Zone has the simple solution for cleaning the EGR Cooler. Hydro-Zone’s EGR Cooler Cleaner II is a Non-Hazardous cleaner that ships as a Non-Hazardous Material. With the cost of freight, safety and greener environment these days, Hydro-Zone’s research team developed a second edition EGR Cooler Cleaner called EGR Cooler Cleaner II. EGR Cooler Cleaner II is just as effective as the first edition, but ships as a Non-Hazardous Material. Neither EGR Cooler Cleaner I or II contain phosphates neither. Also, both EGR Cooler Cleaner I and II were both tested and approved at a Semi and Large Truck Manufacturer’s Technical Research Center. Both EGR Cooler Cleaner I and II were originally formulated for the large Truck Manufacturer. Seeing how successful the Cleaners perform, Hydro-Zone decided to open up the sale to other Truck Manufacturers and Truck Service Centers.

Hydro-Zone also sells the EGR Cooler connections, seals, pump, pail, hoses, clamps and flanges as a Cleaning Kit or as individual parts, when needed.

Call us today and order our EGR Cooler Cleaner II. EGR Cooler Cleaner comes packaged in one-gallon, 4×1 gallon case, pallet of 4×1 cases, 5-gallon pail, 15-gallon keg, 30-gallon and 55-gallon drum and 275-gallon one-way totes.

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EGR Cooler Cleaner by Hydro-Zone cleans and restores completely plugged EGR Coolers in less than an hour

Hi All Our Truck Friends:

Hydro-Zone’s EGR Cooler Cleaner cleans and restores completely plugged EGR Coolers in less than an hour. The EGR Cooler is plugged with diesel soot and particulates and this blocks the Diesel Engine from expelling exhaust, shutting down the Engine. Soaking the EGR Cooler in Hydro-Zone’s EGR Cooler Cleaner will completely clean the EGR Cooler of all soot and particulates. Just add one gallon of EGR Cooler Cleaner to two gallons of hot water and soak. If possible, hookup a garden hose to a small sump pump and attach to the EGR Cooler. Hookup another garden hose from the EGR Cooler and hang into a 5-gallon pail. Insert the sump pump into the 5-gallon pail and turn on the sump pump. Recirculate the EGR Cooler Cleaner/ hot water solution for an hour through the EGR Cooler and back to the 5-gallon pail. Now your EGR Cooler is completely clean and like new. After cleaning the EGR Cooler, flush the EGR Cooler with fresh water. Add 3 gallons fresh water to an empty 5-gallon pail and flush EGR Cooler for 10 to 15 minutes with same hose and sump pump used to clean. Then use compressed air and blow air through the EGR Cooler for 5 to 10 minutes to completely dry. Now you are ready to hookup your EGR Cooler back onto your Engine and you will be ready to drive again.

Watch a How To Clean EGR Cooler video on YouTube:


Hydro-Zone’s EGR Cooler Cleaners have been tested by the Technical Center of the Manufacturer. The Manufacturer approved the use of Hydro-Zone’s EGR Cooler Cleaner to clean the EGR Cooler and Valve without causing any damage and restoring back to original condition.

For more information, please feel free to email:
Or call (734) 247-4488 M-F 8:00-6:00 PM EST. Feel free to leave a message and someone will return your call ASAP.

EGR Cooler Cleaning

Hello: Are you looking for an easy way to clean you EGR Cooler on Peterbilt, Kenworth and Cummins Engines? Hydro-Zone has the answer. Our special EGR Cooler Cleaner II will clean the EGR Cooler of any deposits built up inside the EGR Cooler. The build up is caused by the diesel engine exhaust particulates. The EGR Cooler contains small tubular bundle that becomes plugged with the diesel exhaust soot and eventually causes the Engine not to run. Our EGR Cooler Cleaner II is used in Paccar Service Centers.

EGR Cooler Cleaner

Welcome to Hydro-Zone, Inc. blog on EGR Cooler Cleaner.  Please feel free to post and ask questions on Cleaning an EGR Cooler on a Peterbilt, Kenworth and Cummins diesel engines.  Our EGR Cooler Cleaner will clean the plugged EGR Cooler without harming the EGR Cooler or EGR Cooler valve.  Our EGR Cooler Cleaner II is a Non-Hazardous chemical that is safe to use and dispose.